826-3107 Frymaster 3000 Controller (8263107)


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3000 Controller

Mfr Part #: 826-3107


Fits Models:

1814E Series, OCF30 Electric Series, OCF30 Gas Series, OCF30ATOE, OCF30ATOG



Each OCF30 Fryer is equipped with the full-featured SMART4U® OCF30 3000 Controller, which literally walks the operator through every facet of operation and maintenance.

Controllers in the same battery communicate for staged, sequential filtration, and even alert the operator if more than one drain valve is opened.

With support for segmented cooking and a second language, along with 20 programmable product buttons, load compensation, and prompt-guided maintenance procedures, the OCF30 3000 controller makes the OCF Fryers user friendly and labor-efficient. It even monitors and reports on oil level, oil life, cook counts, and fryer performance."

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