809-0518 FRYMASTER SCREW 8-32X3/8


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Mfr Part #: 809-0518

Fits Models:
17SMS, 1814E Series, 18UE, 2836 with Float Switch, BIELA14, BIGLA30, BIH1721, BIMH14, BIPH, BIPH14, BIRE14, EH1721, FGP55, FP128, FP136, FP236, FP28, FP36, FPEL14, FPEL17, FPEL22, FPGL230, FPGL30, FPGL330, FPGL330C, FPH1721, FPH17SC, FPPH-14, FPPH-17, FPPH-22, FPPH355-SC, FPPH417TC, FPPH455-SC, FPRE117/122, FPRE14, FPRE17, FPRE217/222, FPRE22, FPRE80, GL230, GL252, GL330, GL430, H14, H14SC, H17, H17SC, H22, H22SC, HPRE80, KFC18E, KSCFH18E, MH14, MPH14, MRE-14, MRE14, NAVY SUBMARINE, OCF30 Electric Series, OCF30 Gas Series, OCF30ATOE, OCF30ATOG, PRO SERIES, RE14, RE14TC, RE17, RE22, RE80, SR114E, Super Runner, XFPRE80, XRE, XYCFRE18, XYSCFRE18, YFG255, YFPRE, YUM YSCFRE18

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